Advertising on YouTube (Sponsored Links | Banners)

YouTube is one of the most important channels in the Online Advertising business, averaging more than 1 billion views per day worldwide.

Teira Consulting offers targeted traffic through different formats, such as: text ads, banners and video ads, reaching the widest audience as possible.

You can even segment your traffic per topics (Entertainment, Online Games, Science & Tech, Travel & Events, Music, and more.) or demographically (Male-Female, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, etc).

Through YouTube you can achieve a great exposure. To understand this, we must consider the average time that users spend within the site. This means impressions can last several minutes, while they watch the screen. The exposure time is YouTube’s competitive advantage over other online advertising ways, and this generates a "Top of Mind" of the brand for users..

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