Unlike the sponsored links, SEO is not paid per click. This position is shown on the left, in "natural" Google searches.

The purpose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to increase visits to your site getting top placements in search engines. Through this optimization, visits will be increased, and consequently, turned into sales. SEO is used to overcome the competition and establishing as leader in the market. "A successful website depends on the number of visits it receives."

The Positioning process of Search Engine consists of:

Keyword Analysis: A way to optimize them in the search engines using relevant keywords.

Site Modifications: A full website Analysis performed to make the necessary changes, which may affect: titles, text, layout, design and even images if needed, in order to make your site more interesting or ‘search engine friendly’.

Competition Analysis: Analysis of your competitor’s sites to create even better strategies..

Link Building: Getting text links from quality sites relevant to your site’s theme.

Monitoring and Control: Site Position reports per keyword issuing to follow up on the continuing improvements of your website’s ranking.

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