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Half of users searching through Internet search engines conduct an inquiry or purchase of a specified service.

Search Engine Advertising is the best cost-benefit ratio of the market, exceeding the television, radio or any other media.


The PPC offers you the ability to set your own budget or change it whenever you want, changing the click price to suit your desired budget. All this is without contractual obligations, which gives you the option to cancel the campaign whenever you think its necessary.

Searches of your potential customers tend to be related to the body ads and then, those are more attractive by increasing the likelihood of clicking to them, this way your website will take full advantage of this advertising option.

EFFECTIVENESS:Several studies found that most users do not click on Internet advertisements such as banners, buttons, skyscrapers, etc. (0.5% of users around) while they do in those text ads that appear more informative than visible, this is the case of sponsored links.

Our Services
1 - Keywords Creation.
2 - Text Ads (Google Ads).
3 - Campaign Effective Structuring + GEO target audience + daily hour setting.
4 - Daily Top: The daily clicks consumption can be set by the client or suggested by a Teira Consulting Account Executive.
5 - Daily optimization of keywords through the company's special software or manually, depending on the complexity and competitiveness of the campaign.
6 - Reports and More Services.

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