Online Media Marketing consists in advertising in specific websites according to the client needs.
Generally, we generate customized media plans according to the actual budget, although sometimes we leave the open option to the client to choose which placements they would like to be in priority. Our job, in this case in particular, is to offer consulting services on what the client wants to do, and give an advise on the profitability or not of their strategy.
Since sometimes the client thinks that the best is to do what everybody does, or being wherever everyone is; our specialists goal is to promote the best practices analising each case we are heading particularly because for example is not possible to promote an alcoholic beverage on google display network because is forbidden by the search engine directly; so in this case our advise would be to focus the online media campaign in another direction instead google display network. Another error would be to plan an image banner campaign for a video game without flash, since the creativity in this case might attract much more because the prospect may see how the video game works. Also we could advise to try rich media formats, so the impact of the creativity will increase as well. So this way, a simple banner strategy change may increase CTR from 100% to more.